The Prey
Enter the dark and pulsating realm of 'The Prey', a haunting fusion of progressive house and dubstep. With its ominous atmosphere and gripping lyrics, this track delves into the primal instinct of pursuit and the inescapable fate of its prey. The deep, resonant male voice adds an extra layer of intensity, immersing you in a world where hiding is futile and the hunt is relentless.
ISRC: GBLFP2053642


Sin is in the blood
Thick liquid leaking out
A prey that must be hunted
With head filled with mud

There is no place to hide
Breath hard to take
There is no way out
While the hunt is underway

The chase that just begun
Does not end with the sun
There's not even compassion
As there's no face in the action

The ground is full of lies
Truth somewhere in the skies
Without a plan to fly
The prey lies down tonight

Written, produced and performed by Liam Laghan.