Doggy Gets High
Enter the energetic world of 'Doggy Gets High', a punchy Bass House track that delivers an electrifying experience. With its thunderous bass and infectious energy, this composition is perfect for mixing and commanding the dancefloor. Accompanied by a haunting monotone voice, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of Doggy's journey, where disillusionment and the pursuit of euphoria intertwine.
ISRC: UKXN22336460


On the ground Doggy smells mud from the gutter.
Through the fog Doggy hears the words of the preachers.
Still the same lights but nothing is getting better.
Doggy's mouth tastes blood and no longer butter.
They know everything but will never be teachers.
As he gets tethered Doggy fades a little further.
Everything blurs, Doggy feels like a liar.
And Doggy still looking to get high.

Written, produced and performed by Liam Laghan.